Management and everyday implementation in school and community

2 days course for leaders, NGO’s and consultants

The goal of the course is to equip the participants to be authentic and to strengthen their personal leadership so that they can burn through to colleagues, stakeholders, and partners. This includes dealing with resistance and the ability to improvise if the agenda is suddenly changed. These will become role models for other students.  

They are given concrete tools for implementing projects in everyday life. They learn to develop an implementation plan that can help them in the forward-looking work and with anchoring and creating ownership of the projects.  

They work with being a leader and a change agent. Including their own narrative and how it is actively used to build trust with colleagues, students, and collaborators in open school.  

Work is being done with SDG ambassadors who are on an ethical basis and find that they are fighting for a bigger cause and for the community, and who can therefore handle resistance.


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