Partnerships, Foundations, Communication and True Storytelling

2 days course for leaders, NGO’s and consultants

The goal of this course is to equip participants to teach colleagues in building networks and collaborators in the local environment, as well as using storytelling to create ownership of projects and convince its target audience.

Based on the knowledge of networking, participants work to establish partnerships and partners in connection with world goal projects. The module is linked to open schools, which focuses on cooperation with associations, companies, etc.

As a strong competence – not just in communicating and communicating projects, but in life in general – participants are trained in storytelling and how they can help colleagues and students use storytelling in the work on world goal projects and teaching courses.

    • Methodically, the storytelling method of true storytelling(Routledge 2020), which focuses on implementing and creating ownership of sustainable and ethical change and projects through storytelling. The participants work with the ethical narrative; map strong narratives that support their projects; the ability to tell a good story to a particular audience; have a sense of timing; help stories on the way in conversations and meetings and work with stagings.
  • In addition, participants are presented with relevant funds and other funding options for SDG projects.




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