World Goals and Co-creation

2 days course for leaders, NGO’s and consultant

The goal of the course is to equip the participants so that they can communicate and inspire colleagues, stakeholders, and partners in the Municipality, organizations, and communities to work with the world goals as a practical approach and to make them want to learn.

  • They will receive a thorough introduction to the UN’s world goals and its related sub-objectives through concrete cases and stories nationally and internationally. The focus is on:
    • History, clarification, and innovation of SDGs
    • The great story – insight into storytelling
    • Historical overview from the formation of the UN to the 17 World Goals
    • Values from a philosophical historical perspective from Aristotle to the UN Declaration of Human Rights
    • The 17 world goals, sub-targets, and indicators in a local and global context
  • Storytelling and stories from participants’ own reality to make the world goals present and action-oriented. For example, the world goals are already active their organization and in their local environment. It can be used to communicate the World Goals to colleagues and pupils.
  • Participants are introduced to the project method and tools to implement and facilitate a co-creation idea generation process with which they can work in classes and in open schools. These tools are developed and trained through training.
  • On the second day, based on an idea-generation method, pupils and teachers from the same school choose a specific SDG project that they will work with at their own school.


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