SDG project manager

2 day course for leaders, NGO’s and consultants

The aim of this course is to equip the participants for work on the project method so that they can facilitate and teach practical courses related to the world goals in the classes. The participants will gain experience on how to develop a project or training course. And how they can support the aforementioned inter-municipal trajectories.

Participants work with the project method to develop projects and use the project development tools to unfold their SDG and school project. They will work on how to work with SDG projects, large and small, on idea development, purpose, sub-objectives, success criteria, deliveries, stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, SDGmapping.

    • For example, it may be to create an SDG project in the class that focuses on sustainability and clothing. This is where they work on how they can develop a project through the project method on e.g. upcycling T-shirts in cooperation with the elective Craft and Design and make it a sustainable company.
    • The participants work with experimental teaching in the form of the material storytelling method, where works with artifacts used for the development of the project and to illustrate the course and context.

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sdg projektleder verdensmål projektleder sdg projekt manager



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