Welcome to our quarterly talks about and around development, and specifically the ever-growing field of Development from the grassroots. It has been decades of wishing for getting grassroots actors in the driving seat as a central part in their empowerment to chart their own development trajectory. This has been given even more attention since the launching of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, on the realization that context-awareness is as important as the global race for “Leaving no one behind” without “Doing harm”.

But how do we do this in practice? And what do local grassroots actors have of advice and inspirations?

At these events, you will gain inspirations, and discussions with guests and activists from grassroots organizations (rural, small actors, community-based organizations, community researchers) across the globe.


Topics discussed among others include:

  • Inspirations on how to start working from the grassroots.
  • A walk-through and understanding of local contexts and dynamics through guest stories.
  • Practical methodologies, approaches, frameworks, and tools inspired by local activists.
  • Common challenges and how to navigate these.
  • Knowledge building.
  • A network of others interested in the topic.
  • And many more…