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SDG World Village part 1 🇺🇬

How Mpigi Town can become resilient to the effects of ecosystem degradation and climate change.

The process involves the collection of information through secondary research, as well as the use of CAREs ”Climate Vulnerability Assessment tool”1 (CVCA) to generate local perspective and knowledge.

These two types of information are then combined and analyzed using a set of guiding questions that explore the key issues that determine people’s vulnerability to climate change, as well as their existing resilience capacities.

The Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVCA) process is intended to be action-oriented – and it will form the basis for the following objectives:

Objective 1: Coordination and capacity development of Youth structures
Objective 2: Analysis and presentation of the Climate and Livelihood situation in Mpigi Town.
Objective 3: Development of evidence-based interventions informed by the project report to form basis for a following and larger project

Partners involved:

Climate Smart Youth Action Network – CSYAN, Uganda

SDG World, Danmark

CISU – Civilsamfund i udvikling

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Project Photos

CVCA Report